(EN) Rules for reviews

Every profile on Firmy.cz is eligible to write reviews. Writing reviews is subject to control and rules. Each company can respond to individual reviews.

How we process added review

Each newly added review undergoes an automatic check, and in some cases a subsequent manual verification. An approved review is given an internal weight by our algorithm which is then taken into consideration for the calculation of the overall rating of a given company.

The algorithm considers several factors, such as the age of each review, etc. The total calculated rating of the company on Seznam services is then represented by a decimal number on a scale of 1.0–5.0.

On Mapy.cz, Firmy.cz and in Seznam Search, the average rating is displayed as a green or white badge. However, it is only displayed for those businesses for which the internal algorithm detects sufficient quality of partial reviews. Only the top 20% of top-rated companies in a given industry will receive a green badge. The list can send selected, well-rated companies a visual representation of their rating, usable for marketing purposes.

To secure quality evaluation on Firmy.cz we reserve the right to delete a contribution if:

  • this review in any way violates legal rules of the Czech Republic or is contrary to good morals;
  • publishes further data on the identity of other evaluators (e.g. phone, employment, any other data that could be personal in the sense of valid legislation, etc.);
  • the author of the review pass themselves off as another person;
  • there is a proven connection between the evaluated company and the evaluator (for example, the company and its employee, executive, etc.);
  • includes URL links, an e-mail address or a phone number;
  • contains evaluation and data concerning another company;
  • contains excessive punctuation and incomprehensible information;
  • in case of dispute, it is possible to request an invoice or other document on the performance of work or services;
  • the evaluation is performed between employer and employee (e.g. data on running of the firm, payment moral, relations between two parts, etc.); in which case it is not evaluation of services provided by the firm but its activity;
  • contains insults (e.g. thief, fraud, swindlers) – a direct insult is always assessed individually by a Firmy.cz specialist.
  • contains an evaluation between the supplier and their customer (not the end customer of the services or products provided).

Processing reviews and their rules:

General rules:

  • reviews are subject to control; during working days, they may be removed within 24 hours; the company reserves the right to extend this period;
  • control also includes the IP address of each posted review;
  • the evaluator may provide a contact e-mail in their response in order to be able to resolve discrepancies in the evaluation. We do not publish evaluators‘ telephone numbers.

Responses to the reviews must not violate the following rules in any way, otherwise we reserve the right to delete them:

  • violate laws or the rights of third parties, be contrary to good morals;
  • publish other data on the identity of other evaluators (e.g. telephone, employment, any other data that could be personal data within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR) and other legislation governing the protection of personal data);
  • contain vulgar expressions or URL links;
  • state the telephone number of the reviewed company (only the contact e-mail can be given in the response).

If you’ve received an unclear/unauthorized review, you can follow these steps:

  • respond to the review in the company administration (Profile → Reviews), where you can ask the evaluator to specify the information (e.g. when the service/contact took place, the name of the evaluator, we have no record of your order, specify the situation, etc.).
  • If you respond to the review within 90 days of its publication, it may be hidden (upon your request to info@firmy.cz, subject Review) until the facts are clarified.

Possible outcomes:

  • administrators evaluate the review as justified;
  • unclear review: the evaluator will be informed by e-mail about the temporary hiding of the review. If the reviewer does not respond within 30 days, the review will be permanently deleted.

Administrators reserve the right to determine the legitimacy of the review.

Rules for reporting reviews

Logged in users can report an inappropriate review. Reporting is subject to the following rules:

  • the report is processed no later than the next working day, the company reserves the right to extend this period;
  • if the reported review is evaluated as inappropriate after a specialist’s review, we will remove it;
  • if the reported review does not violate the rules of Firmy.cz, no action will be taken;
  • when re-reporting the same reviews, the company reserves the right to temporarily restrict the submission or reporting of reviews.

If you did not find your answer above, please contact us at: +420 234 694 415 / Review option. Weekdays 8:00-15:00.