(EN) Terms of service

The content of company profiles on the Seznam, whether the “Seznam zdarma” or the “Seznam naplno”, is subject to these binding rules. Any violation of the rules stated here may result in the editing or deletion of the company profile.

The administrators of Firmy.cz reserve the right to modify the final version of the description of the activities of the company profiles.

The administrator reserves the right to reclassify a company profile to another relevant category if the placement in the category is not directly anchored in the business contract between the economic entity and Seznam.

Neither the company profile nor the site to which it links may contradict applicable international legal standards, valid legal norms of the Czech Republic, generally accepted moral values and ethical rules of Seznam.cz, a.s.

Seznam.cz is not responsible for any damages or loss of profit resulting from bringing a link into compliance with these rules, whether at the time of classification of the profile or during a later check.

Seznam.cz reserves the right to send information about changes to company profiles to all companies listed here.

The administrator of Firmy.cz reserves the right to reassign a company profile, for which it detects speculation with the name of the company in order to benefit the ranking in the catalogue. This rule applies to all profiles.